Planning a Wedding?




The sanctuary, Graham Chapel, belongs to Montreat College and is available to the wider community. For all parties desiring to be married in Graham Chapel, please contact Erin Chapman to reserve the Chapel at 828.669.8011, x 3821. Fees may apply.    

Our pastors only officiates weddings where at least one person in the wedding party or their family is a member or regular attender of Christ Community Church. If you would like to speak with a pastor about an upcoming wedding, please contact Teresa Cox at the church office to arrange a time to meet (828.669.7577). Please keep in mind that our pastor requires about 4 sessions of premarital counseling prior to the wedding date. 

Childcare for weddings of members is a service that can be requested. Arrangements must to be scheduled a few months prior to the wedding date to secure workers/facility. To schedule childcare, please contact Rachael Sylvestre, our Interim Director of Children's Ministry, at 828.669.7577 ext. 213.