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Prayer Blanket Ministry

What is The Prayer Blanket Ministry?

A simple piece of fleece intended to convey God’s love and presence.

The label on the blanket reads: “To a Very Special Person – This blanket is an expression of God’s love for you and we pray that it will bring you comfort. When life gets tough, wrap yourself in it and remember, you are loved.”

Who makes these blankets?

Members of the Prayer Blanket Ministry meet monthly to make blankets, lay hands over them and pray for those who will receive the blankets. Then they are made available to congregates to go out into the world.

Who distributes these blankets?

You do! There are so many who need our prayers and a reminder of God’s love and presence. Take a look at the church prayer list – maybe there is someone there you would like to remember. Whether it is someone struggling with an illness, death – just anytime someone needs an extra hug from God.

The blankets can also help start a conversation with someone without faith.

Where do I get a blanket?

Blankets are available at both services on Sunday mornings. Look for them in the narthex of Graham Chapel.

They are also available on the first floor of the Henry Building. The Henry Building is open on Sunday mornings and Monday – Thursday from 9 a.m. – noon. Look for the cabinet in the corner.

How much are the blankets?

There is no charge for blankets.

Do people really need another blanket – the weather is getting hot now?

The prayer blanket is lap size – not just for winter weather. Its purpose is to warm the heart – though it will also warm the body. With air-conditioning, a light weight blanket is useful all year.

Chemo patients often tell us how much they love their blankets. It’s cold in the treatment area and they feel the love of God with their blanket over them.

One blanket recipient once told us “Every time I lay my blanket over me, I think of someone I need to pray for.”

How can I get involved with making blankets?

The Prayer Blanket Ministry meets on the first Friday of the month at 9 a.m. – 12n on the first floor of the Henry Building.

More helping hands are always desirable and not everyone needs to know how to sew.

Contact Info

For more information call Susan Dean at 404-403-8228.