Lynn Miller 2
Lynn Miller
Office/Building Manager

Lynn is our Receptionist /Office Manager and also works alongside the Building Committee to keep the Henry Building well-maintained and running smoothly. Lynn graduated from Mars Hill College with a degree in music (a thousand years ago, according to her) and has enjoyed participating in the choir and praise group and other aspects of music ministry throughout the years. While growing up, she attended 8 schools and lived in 6 states and 2 countries over a span of 12 years. She hates seafood (except for fried clams), would love to travel Route 66 in a convertible, and held the flag for a road construction crew as her first job. She and her husband Alex have four grown children, two middle-schoolers, 6 grandchildren and another one on the way! If she had any spare time she would most likely spend it hanging out with one of her grandkids, reading or sewing – ANYTHING but cooking. 

Last Published: December 6, 2018 1:34 PM