Local Outreach/Volunteer Opportunties


As we engage with our church members and our community, Christ Community Church has a number of areas for you to participate putting your faith into action.

Backpack Program

Merle Arcand (828-664-0145)

Goal: To provide meals (backpack) to students over the weekends. The backpack includes food for every meal and 2 snacks for an entire weekend (Friday dinner - Sunday dinner) for a total of 7 meals.


  • Wednesday: 2-3 volunteers take list to Ingles with Ingles gift card to purchase supplies; deliver to BMT Savings
  • Thursday: 2-3 volunteers pack the bags and (ideally) deliver to BMP, BME, and WD Williams
  • Friday: 2-3 volunteers deliver to BMP, BME, and WD Williams

Bounty & Soul

Berdjette Barker (828-215-8600) or 

Karla at karla@bountyandsoul.org

Goal:  To provide fresh healthy food, nutrition literacy, and health and wellness resources to assist in eliminating food insecurity and malnutrition in our community

Tasks: Opportunities include collecting and sorting food, market set-up, working at one of five weekly markets, and providing cooking demonstrations. Other opportunities are working in the community garden or child nutrition activities.

Connection Desk Volunteer

John Forester (903-239-1097) johneforester@gmail.com

Goal: To provide a sense of welcome and belonging to visitors and church members on Sunday mornings; to be a point of contact for ministry and event information

Tasks: Manage the Connection Desk at least once a month including setting up before worship, greeting attendees, providing information as needed, etc.


Tom and Lynn Newhouse (828-669-0823) or tom_lynn@bellsouth.net

Goal:  To create a comfortable environment for visitors, attendees, and members by offering a sincere greeting, making each guest feel welcome as they enter our building.

Tasks:  Greet at the front or back entrance at one of our morning services, open the door for guests and verbally greet them, give a friendly smile and perhaps a handshake. Greet in the hallway and lobby between services where greeters have an opportunity to engage with visitors.



Home Maintenance 

Dan Cordell (828-777-4035)

Goal: To assist community members that do not have the ability or resources to manage home maintenance projects; both standard and emergency projects

Tasks: Ramp building, faucet repair, light plumbing, tree clearing, gutter cleaning, raking, shoveling snow, etc. Note: This team is looking to build a list of people to contact as needs arise.

Hope for Tomorrow House

Beth Barker (828-777-3491)

Goal: To provide homeless women with children a safe and stable place to live. Life skills classes, counseling, and self-esteem courses are provided. The children will also be provided with tutoring and mentoring.

Tasks: Rides for moms and children, tutoring both moms and children, providing supper on occasions, assisting in resume writing, grocery shopping, completing forms, etc. Administrative support to the program as required. Legal assistance on specific issues at times.

Hospital Visitation

Rob Schermerhorn at 828-231-2054

Goal: Visiting church members during hospital stays

Tasks: Praying with the patient, reading, contacting family members if required. Assisting with providing a meal and/or establishing a meal schedule as needed on being released from the hospital.

Lunch Buddies

Hayne Griffin at haynegriffin@gmail.com or

Erica Griffin at ericajoygriffin@gmail.com

Goal and Tasks: Eat lunch with a student (about 30 minutes) at Black Mountain Primary or Elementary once a week to provide encouragement and support

Montreat College

Amy Oxendale-Imig (724-594-4247) aoxendale-imig@ccojubilee.org 


Goal: To interact and provide support to students at the college, benefitting the student’s overall college success


  • Take 2-4 students home for lunch (or out to lunch) on the 4thSunday of the month
  • Assist with the study space provided for students during final exams (Dec. and May). Provide food, be the audience for a final project, or other study assistance. The goal is to create a hospitable space!
  • Assist students moving into the dorms (August only)

Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women

Marcia Salansky (540-905-2626) or

Amanda Wrublewski, SCCW program supervisor (828-259-6111)


Goal:  Work with women at a minimum-security prison that houses 366 women

Tasks: Leading or supporting weekly Bible studies, teaching sewing, Kairos (annual on-ground spiritual retreat), tutoring, mentoring, etc.

Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry (SVCM)

Patti Smith (770-335-9664)

Goal: Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry (SVCM) is a team of committed churches, staff, and volunteers working with our community in response to God’s call to provide vital services for our neighbors in need, both local residents and stranded travelers.


  • Assisting at the Emergency Shelter during the winter months, overseeing residents during the evening, doing laundry, packing lunches, etc.
  • Working at SVCM headquarters doing intakes, assisting with sorting clothes, or working in the food pantry. Assisting in winterization projects and delivering wood. 


Small Group Ministry


Christ Community is excited about our small group ministry and how it enables us to know Jesus, to be known, and to make Him known. Many of our Small Groups are active in the community, serving our neighbors on a regular basis. Learn more about small groups and how you can join!