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Women's Retreat



A wonderful women's retreat happening in March. Here is the BROCHURE to read all about this exciting event. Invite a friend. 

Registration is online. Members of our church, click Christ Community Church. Click VISITOR if you attend another church but would ike to attend.  Everyone is welcome.

Fresco Tour - Saturday, April 22
Chapel Fresco
Do you enjoy the Biblical Fresco in the Chapel of the Prodigal?  Would you like to see more of Ben Long's frescos?  Join us on Saturday, Aprill 22  as they travel to Ashe County to view two more Biblical Frescos of Ben Long.  There is a $10 per person charge to cover the cost of a rental van. We will lunch in Jefferson (on your own dime).  The van will leave the church around 8:30 am and return late in the afternoon.  If you are interested contact Ellen Gallaway.  ergallaway@gmail.com 
Women in Ministry


Join the group of women who receive periodic email updates of events and needs. For example, if food is needed for a funeral meal, or if positions need to be filled for VBS, or if an event location is changed, you might get an email message. Click here to be added.

Check out the photos on Montreat Women in Ministry Facebook page and click like. It's also a place for updates and for comments or dialogue from CCC women and friends.

On the Move is an all-church e-newsletter that comes to your INBOX on Wednesdays and is chock full of information and photos about church events and about people in the church. 


Fellowship in Women's Circles

The Women's Circles meet the second Tuesday of each month at various times and locations. These groups are open to all women and are a great way to grow and fellowship! Beginning date is October 11, 2016.


Esther Circle            10:00 am - meeting in the home of Courtenay Steirwalt (828.298.1185)

Mary Marth Circle:   2:00 pm - meeting at Highland Farms in J-K Building.  (Nancy Reed, 828.664.9804)

Soup Group Circle:   5:30 pm - meeting at Highland Farms in J-K Building (Deanna Sales, 828.776.0130)

Evening Circle        7:00 pm - meeting in the home of Arla Yeatman (828.337.0505)

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