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Connect Tree Ministry


What is The CCCM Connect Tree Ministry?

We are made for relationship with God and one another. Therefore, we want to ensure no one at Christ Community gets left out or forgotten. In an effort to foster deeper relationships in the family of God, Christ Community Church has launched a new ministry called “The Connect Tree.” 

The “Connect Tree” is a network of communication within our church family that seeks to make regular contact with every member and regular attender to essentially ask “How are you?” and “How can we help?” 

Structure: A list of members and attenders is broken up into twelve branches. Each branch has a team that’s responsible to stay in regular contact with the households in their branch. A branch team consists of a branch coordinator (team leader), an active elder, one or two active deacons, and several volunteers. We feel the strength of this ministry is that the responsibility to contact folks does not fall one one person but a team of motivated volunteers.

The goal is not only that the church might deepen relationships that allow us to better care for one another but ultimately, to foster a unity in the Gospel of Christ that allows us to move forward together in mission to our hurting world. 

If you’re curious who your branch team is, please email David at

If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please contact Lebo Wall at

The History of The Connect Tree Ministry

The initiative for this ministry began with a couple who did not feel connected at Christ Community Church and decided to do something about it. This led to the creation of the Connect Team, which spent a year making regular contact to a specific list of people in the church (namely visitors, new members, and older members). The question was asked, “Why don’t we do this with the entire church?” The concept of the Connect Trees was then presented to the session in September 2023 with the request to pilot the program with a small group in the church. The session immediately and unanimously agreed that the Connect Tree needed to be pursued not as a pilot project but implemented in full as soon as possible. Since then, a team of motivated volunteers has been working diligently to create the structures of the Connect Tree ministry.