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Director of Music and Worship Arts

Kris Bartman

Kris joined our staff in January 2011, where he was immediately asked to incorporate the song Jesus is My Friend by Sonseed into a worship service (it was a joke). In true Kris Bartman fashion, he took it in stride and has been “rolling with it” ever since. Kris plays the piano, keyboards, trumpet, and guitar. He enjoys composing and arranging music and working with vocalists and instrumentalists. He studied piano performance at Southern Methodist University, received a Bachelor's degree in music composition from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and completed his Masters degree at UMKC Conservatory of Music in composition. Kris has a passion for worship and leads the praise team and choir with his enthusiasm and joy-filled heart for God. He enjoys running and eating donuts (one might necessitate the other?), would love to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, is afraid of squirrels, and hates the thought of cleaning out his basement or garage (he says it reminds him of his failures). He and his wife, Jennifer, have six amazing children.